Steven Universe grows its consumer products program

Cartoon Network is busy building a new licensing program for animated comedy Steven Universe, kicking things off by signing five new hardlines partners to the property's US retail program.
October 13, 2015

The Cartoon Network character who has little control over his superhero powers has had no trouble securing partners in the toy department.

Steven Universe has added five new hardlines partners for its US consumer products program: Funko, Just Toys International, PhatMojo, Toy Factory and Zag Toys.

Funko will launch a series of four vinyl figures based on Steven and his Gems counterparts at Hot Topic this holiday season, around the same time that Just Toys International will add a selection of blind bag novelty products including dog tags, fun packs and 3D backpack hangers at specialty retailers.

With products debuting in spring 2016, PhatMojo will add an assortment of plush, as well as foam and plush weapons, while Zag Toys is producing collectible mini figures, including bobble heads and more. Both product lines will debut at specialty retailers.

Toy Factory will also add plush and assorted novelty in 2017.

Created by Adventure Time writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe follows the misadventures of Steven, little brother to a team of magical guardians of humanity known as the Crystal Gems. The series is in its second season on CN in the US and has been on a global trajectory since first airing in November 2013.

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