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New World of Warriors game, toys launch in UK

Mind Candy has released a third World of Warriors mobile game, World of Warriors: Duel, and is teaming up with GP Flair to launch a range of new branded toys in the UK.
September 9, 2015

With Mind Candy’s new World of Warriors: Duel mobile game having just launched, the London-based entertainment company has teamed up with GP Flair (UK subsidiary of Italy’s Giochi Preziosi Group) to create a range of  Warriors toys.

The franchise, which consists of the new title and World of Warriors: Quest and World of Warriors, will now be infused with a new iOS/Android game, collectible figures and battle gear featuring the greatest warriors in history, from ninjas and knights to Vikings and Apaches.

The latest game in Mind Candy’s series of Warrior apps looks to make the franchise more accessible to a wider and younger audience. The goal in World of Warriors: Duel is to amass an army to defeat a power-hungry warlord and his evil Skull army. A multiplayer mode also lets players challenge their friends to find out who has faster reaction times and nerves of steel.

Supporting the game at retail is Mind Candy and GP Flair’s line of action figures, which are available for purchase in packs of two, four and eight (pictured). The collectibles range consists of 120 characters and starts at £2.99 (US$4.60) apiece.

Also launching are World of Warriors battle gear weapons and accessory packs, which allow fans to equip their historical action figures with things like helmets, tridents, swords, shields, masks and throwing stars.

Kids across the UK can also read about their favorite World of Warriors characters in Egmont Publishing’s Allabout monthly kids magazine and Penguin sticker books and official guides. Penguin also has plans for a range of non-fiction titles and action-adventure novels based on the property.




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