The Stanley Dynamic gets second season, adventure game

Canada's YTV has greenlit a second season of The Stanley Dynamic from Amaze Film + Television and 9 Story Media Group.
June 25, 2015

Canada’s YTV has greenlit mixed-media twins Larry and Luke for more high school hijinx with its second-season order of The Stanley Dynamic from Amaze Film + Television, with animation from 9 Story Media Group.

Production on season two (26 x 30 minutes) of the live-action/animated hybrid begins this summer in order to hit a fall 2016 air date. The Stanley Dynamic stars Luke, a cartoon boy who tries to stay under the radar while his flesh-and-blood and attention-loving bro Larry constantly gets him into trouble.

Today also marks the launch of The Stanley Dynamic Adventure Game, available now at and coming soon as an iOS and Android app. Created by Relish Interactive, the game lets players control Luke as he prepares for an epic LARPing (live action role-playing) event. It features 30 missions and three mini-games to appeal to both avid and casual gamers.

The first season of The Stanley Dynamic, which was created by Ken Cuperus, Jocelyn Hamilton, and Jamie Piekarz, currently ranks as one of the top five shows for kids ages six to 11 on YTV.


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