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Netflix acquires Bill Nye the Science Guy

Thirty-one episodes spanning all six seasons of the '90s children's show are now available on the SVOD service.
May 26, 2015

By Bree Rody-Mantha

Fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy can now find the series—at least, part of it—streaming online. Twenty years after the Disney-owned science show first aired on television, SVOD powerhouse Netflix has picked up 31 episodes, all available immediately.

The 31 episodes span all six seasons and include titles such as “Magnetism,” “Populations” and “Genes.” The 100-ep series ran from 1993 to 1998. Long after the show ended its run, it remained a favorite among educators who used video copies of old episodes to help explain science concepts to their students.

Nye, himself, has remained in the public spotlight as an outspoken proponent of science education and a sought-after commentator on topics such as climate change.

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