SuperAwesome to bring kid-safe ads to Oculus, Unity

The UK-based kid-targeted advertising platform has opened up to developers using Oculus Rift and Unity game engines. Unity currently has more than two million registered developers.
January 22, 2015

As the industry continues to explore the impact of virtual reality on kids media, UK-based kids advertising platform SuperAwesome is banking on VR’s expansion into the space. The startup has opened its kid-safe ad platform to developers currently using Oculus Rift and Unity game engines.

Its updated AwesomeAds platform will tap into Unity’s userbase, which has over two million registered developers, as well as providing the first COPPA-compliant ads to the emerging virtual reality sector.

As it continues to expand in the kids advertising space, SuperAwesome also announced a new partner using the platform—learning-based games developer Jumpstart  (School of Dragons, Math Blaster).

This news follows the company’s recent growth outside the UK, with offices opening in the US and Southeast Asia.

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