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AwesomenessTV launches a pop-up store

VIDEO: Co-founder Joe Davola and global head of consumer products Jim Fielding explain the strategy behind AwesomenessTV's first retail outlet.
November 18, 2014

Multimedia production company AwesomenessTV took the next logical step in its push into the retail space last Thursday, opening a pop-up store in L.A.’s Fairfax District. Scene@AwesomenessTV showcases its line of S.o. R.a.d. apparel, also available at US retail chain Kohl’s, along with fashions designed by members of the MCN’s stable of YouTube stars, including Teala Dunn, Sawyer Hartman and Meg DeAngelis.

In the video posted above, Kidscreen’s sister pub StreamDaily explores the inspiration and strategy behind the clothing and the store with Dunn and Hartman, along with AwesomenessTV co-founder Joe Davola, and AwesomenessTV global head of consumer products and retail Jim Fielding.

Scene@AwesomenessTV will be open through Dec. 31 at 428 N. Fairfax Ave. in L.A.

In addition to discussing AwesomenessTV’s retail strategy, Davola gave an explanation why Larry David named the Seinfeld character Crazy Joe Davola after him, which can be seen in this video.

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