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AwesomenessTV movie Expelled to hit theaters before web

The AwesomenessTV comedy starring top Vine personality Cameron Dallas, opens in theaters in New York, L.A. and Chicago on December 12, before heading to digital pay platforms on December 16.
November 7, 2014

AwesomenessTV announced today that its movie Expelled starring top Vine personality Cameron Dallas will open in theaters in New York, L.A. and Chicago on December 12.

It will be followed quickly by a digital release at ExpelledMovie.com and through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Target Ticket and Walmart on December 16, and cable and satellite video-on-demand on December 30. The pre-sale starts today.

Written and directed by Alex Goyette, Expelled also stars a gaggle of other YouTube and Vine favorites, including Lia Marie JohnsonMarcus JohnsMichelle GlavanTeala Dunn and Andrea Russett, along with former True Jackson, VP co-star Matt Shively.

In the film, Dallas plays Felix, a prankster adept at charming his way out of trouble. But after his third strike at school, the principal has had enough and expels him. So Felix devises a plan with his brother (Johns), best friend (Shively), new friend (Johnson) and classmate (Russett) to convince his parents that he’s a stellar student.

Goyette produced with Awesomeness chief Brian Robbins (Wild HogsCoach CarterVarsity Blues) and Shauna Phelan (Terry the Tomboy, The Matador, Girl in the Park). Brett Bouttier (The Smosh Movie), Joe Davola (One Tree Hill, Smallville) and Scott Levine, along with Steven Spiegel and Alan Spiegel from 26MGMT, which represents Dallas, are on-board as exec producers.

AwesomenessTV has also produced The Smosh Movie in partnership with Defy Media. The worldwide rights for the film were acquired by Lionsgate in September, but details regarding its release dates and rollout strategy have yet to be announced.

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