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YTV renews Undercover High for second season

The prank-based show from Toronto, Canada's General Purpose Entertainment has been picked up for a second season, set for a spring 2015 debut.
October 21, 2014

It’s no joke: General Purpose Entertainment reality show Undercover High has been picked up by Canadian kidcaster YTV for a second season.

The hidden-camera show features host Lisa Gilroy conducting pranks master-minded by teachers and principals on kids attending Toronto high schools, all with the approval of school staff. The pranks are played on entire classes and do not single out or surprise individual students.

General Purpose will produce another 10 half hours of of Undercover High for a spring 2015 delivery. Based in Toronto, the prodco is best known for making adult-targeted reality shows like Extreme Babysitting, Dining InnVasion and Rebel Without A Kitchen.

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