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Pop-up conference: The great pink & blue debate

Why pink for girls and blue for boys? Kids Industries will be diving into the issue at its Pink & Blue pop-up conference, taking place October 30 in London, England.
October 17, 2014

Pink for girls and blue for boys? For many years, the subject of gender identity and children’s products has been a hot topic in the kids industry. Now, the pink & blue debate will be the subject of Kids Industries’ first pop-up conference, taking place October 30 in London, England.

After extensive interviews, discussions and reviews of academic documents, Kids Industries is sharing its findings at KI Talks: Pink & Blue. The free pop-conference will address gender identity in the children’s market, covering a range of topics including toys, TV shows, advertising, apps, child development, shopper behaviour, parenting¬†and education.

Along with presenting research results, the conference will feature presentations from key industry figures in the toy, publishing, licensing and film industries, as well as academia.

Issues addressed include what the current reality is at retail, do boys and girls really prefer different characters, and how boys and girls play. The event will also explore such topics as how the capitalist system entrenched pink & blue stereotypes, and why the 1980s saw a deepening of pink & blue attitudes.

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