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DHX Media earnings, revenues up on digital library content sales

Along with pulling in US$3.3 million from YouTube for the full year, DHX saw 2014 fiscal earnings jump up by 300% from 2013 numbers.
September 26, 2014

Leveraging its library content with SVOD sales is paying off for DHX Media.

The Halifax-based media conglomerate reported higher fourth quarter and full-year 2014 earnings as it sold its growing catalog to proliferating digital buyers.

DHX Media saw earnings for the fourth quarter to June 30, 2014 of US$932,000 on revenue of US$26.6 million, up from a year-earlier profit during the same three-month period at US$662,000 on revenue of US$23.4 million.

Fiscal 2014 earnings were up over 300% to US$7 million, compared to US$1.7 million in fiscal 2013, on overall revenue up 19% to US$104 million.

Full-year proprietary production revenues increased 35% to US$21 million, from US$15.6 million in 2013.

DHX Media, which has been on an acquisition binge, picking up Epitome Pictures and Ragdoll Worldwide among other assets, also secured increased distribution revenue from sales of content to international SVOD players.

That included a full-year contribution of US$3.3 million from its YouTube relationship with Google.

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