Australia’s ABC3 gets its geek

The award-winning animated series Get Ace! will air on ABC3 later this year.
September 23, 2014

Australia’s ABC3 has acquired rights to the award-winning geeky adventure cartoon Get Ace!

Created by Galaxy Pop co-founders Gian Christian and Dina McPhersonGet Ace! follows the story of nerdy high school freshman Ace McDougal, who is accidentally fitted with super hi-tech braces and finds himself launched into the world of espionage. The show took top prize at the Australian Writers Guild, AWGIE Awards in the Best Animation category.

Get Ace! made its debut on Network Ten’s Channel Eleven in Australia, where it was among the broadcaster’s top performing shows. The series is set to air on ABC3 later this year.

Toronto, Canada-based 9 Story Entertainment has worldwide distribution rights for the show, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

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