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Toys ‘R’ Us brings in Claire’s to reach more tweens

More than 100 fashion-and-accessories-focused Claire's shops will be opening in Toys 'R' Us stores across Europe and the US by year's end.
September 17, 2014

Toys ‘R’ Us is bringing aboard fashion & accessories retailer Claire’s to expand its offerings for tween girls. The two retailers have struck a global partnership that will see more than 100 Claire’s shops opening in Toys ‘R’ Us stores across Europe and the US by year’s end.

The branded shops will roll out in Europe, which was the site of the pilot program. More than 100 shops will open across the region, including the UK, France, Germany, Austria and Spain.

There will also be 12 in-store shops opening in the US, starting with the company’s flagship Times Square and FAO Schwarz stores in New York. The rest will roll out across the US in October.

In terms of comparable US store net sales, it’s been a good news story so far this year, with a 4% increase in Q1, followed by a 1.5% bump in Q2. And as Toys ‘R’ Us looks to further transform its business, its physical stores are significant part of the company’s turnaround plan. Having worked to clear out inventory in US stores since the beginning of this year, Toys ‘R’ Us is stocking new products for the crucial holiday shopping period, for which the retailer just listed its hot toy predictions.

For Claire’s, the shops offer new avenues to drive its tween business. The retailer has posted mixed results in its past few quarters, most recently reporting a 2.9% sales drop in US stores in Q2.

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