PKing Duckling

Chinese and US producers team up for P.King Duckling

The new animated preschool series P.King Duckling is a collaboration between Little Airplane Productions in the US and China's UYoung Media.
September 15, 2014

New York-based preschool producer Little Airplane Productions is pairing up with Chinese production partner UYoung Media to create a new series for older preschoolers called P. King Duckling.

Aimed at kids ages four to seven, the toon (52 x 11 minutes) follows P.King Duckling, an adventurous, if slightly hapless bird whose endeavors do not always go as planned. The intrepid duck will make his debut next month at MIP Junior in Cannes.

Created by Little Airplane president Josh Selig (Wonder Pets!, Small Potatoes), the series features music composed by Jeffrey Lesser (Wonder Pets!) and an educational curriculum created by Dr. Christine Ricci (Dora the Explorer). The show aims to change the way kids think about problems by encouraging them to view setbacks in a positive light and to keep on pursuing their dreams.

P.King Duckling marks the second time Little Airplane Productions has collaborated with Asian partners on a preschool property. The series follows the debut of Super Wings, a co-production from Little Airplane, FunnyFlux Entertainment (South Korea) and QianQi Animation (China). Targeting kids ages three to six, the series was most recently picked up by the international broadcasters SVT (Sweden), Piwi+ (France) and EBS (South Korea).

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