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Peppa Pig steps into exercise routines for preschoolers

eOne partners with tumuv to launch a Peppa Pig-branded activity program across 100 Places for People Leisure centers in the UK.
September 9, 2014

Peppa Pig is taking a step up with a branded physical activity program at Places for People Leisure centers across the UK.

Entertainment One will partner with tumuv to launch the “Move with Peppa” program targeting kids ages two to four with weekly 45-min sessions. Operated by licensed child center practitioners, the activities are meant to help with coordination, balance and motivation, with exercise routines like the “Peppa Steppa.”

The program will roll out across six centers through the UK starting January 2015, before expanding nationwide throughout the year. A complete marketing campaign is currently in the works.

There are 100 Places for People Leisure centers in England, which host roughly 25 million visits per year.

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