Ookii’s World coming to BabyFirst TV

Based on the book series from Lazoo Worldwide, Ookii's World launches on September 8.
September 3, 2014

New York-based app and book developer Lazoo Worldwide is teaming up with BabyFirst TV to create a new series, Ookii’s World.

Starring Ookii, a playful dinosaur, the show is based on the Bologna Ragazzi award-winning book series meant to encourage a child’s curiosity of day-to-day phenomena, such as how a flower grows.

BabyFirst launched on Mother’s Day in 2006 as a TV channel for babies. It has since grown to various VOD platforms and not reaches 33 countries, including digital content with approximately five million downloads.

Ookii’s World will launch exclusively on BabyFirst TV on September 8.

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