Aflix bring Hollywood movies to SVOD in Africa

UK-based Vonetize's new OTT Aflix delivers more than 2,000 hours of content, including Disney films and other kids shows.
August 25, 2014

A new OTT from UK-based Vonetize claims to be the first VOD Hollywood premium service in Africa. Branded as Aflix by SmartVOD, it will offer more than 2,000 hours of content, including movies from Disney, Warner Bros., Miramax and MGM.

Launched in collaboration with an unnamed Nigerian technology company, Aflix will charge a monthly fee of US$9.99, with additional new releases available to rent for US$4.99 for a 48-hour period. The service will also implement a local Cash and Pre-Paid payment option, including physical vouchers at stores.

The SVOD is currently available on smartphones and tablets, while there plans to bring Aflix to LG, Toshiba and Samsung SmartTVs in 2015.

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