Baby Genius Jukebox

Baby Genius starts up the Jukebox

Genius Brands International is launching a new music streaming service for Baby Genius with 500 kids songs on offer.
August 22, 2014

L.A.-based Genius Brands International is expanding its online presence with Baby Genius Jukebox, a new music streaming service available on

The ad-supported service is free to users, providing unlimited streaming of Baby Genius music on all Apple, Android and desktop devices. It provides access to the Baby Genius  library of more than 500 kid-friendly songs.

Jukebox was developed in collaboration with Silicon Valley-based media company FreeStreams. The streaming company developed the technology and monetization for the music streaming service.

Baby Genius Jukebox is the latest push to expand the brand’s interactive presence. The company has made significant strides in bringing its Baby Genius content online, following a recent deal with Comcast to stream its Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes and Animals videos on Xfinity TV.  

The previous year was a busy one for Baby Genius. In 2013, the company’s DVD/CD line sold more than 10 million units at US retail, and its video titles marked more than 50 million downloads on Comcast’s Baby Boost channel.

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