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Crayola and Budge Studios launch virtual manicure app

Arts & crafts go digital with the Crayola Nail Party app.
August 15, 2014

Budge Studios and Crayola have teamed up to give nails a digital makeover. With the app Crayola Nail Party, players can snap a picture of their own hands, or choose from a selection of pre-designed hands, to be used as a canvas for a virtual manicure.

Crayola Nail Party lets users select nail polish from a variety of Crayola colors and create their own designs with glitter, stickers and gems. They can also design nails for their friends nails and have a photo shoot to share the pictures.

The free app is the latest from Montreal-based Budge Studios, who have developed and published apps for an array of IPs, including Care Bears, Caillou and Garfield.

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