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History finds new planet for kids content

The new brand extension Planet H will target kids seven to 11 with mobile games designed to make world and US historical events more accessible.
August 8, 2014

In an effort to attract kids ages seven to 11,  A+E’s History Channel has launched Planet H, a brand extension that will provide a series of mobile app games on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Planet H is designed to provide an outlet where children can explore various historical eras through gaming.

The storyline of side-scrolling adventure game Empire Run revolves around a local high school track star who falls asleep while studying for a history test. He then finds himself in an historical dream world, where he must sprint across various periods in time—such as Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and the Ming Dynasty—collecting coins, avoiding artifacts and defeating enemies.

Frontier Heroes, the second game developed by History in partnership with RED Games, allows players to travel through an illustrated version of US history, including events like the American Revolution and the California Gold Rush. As players complete specific challenges from each era, such as throwing tea into the Boston Harbor, they will learn various facts about the US.

Both games are currently available for US$2.99. A third game will arrive later this year, while History plans for more releases next year.

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