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Sam Fox goes into the wild with Google Earth

Australia SLR Productions' live-action kids series Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures is getting a new interactive website integrated with Google Earth.
August 6, 2014

Australia’s SLR Productions’ live-action kids series Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures is getting a digital boost with a new interactive website integrated with Google’s popular geography platform Google Earth.

Timed to launch at the same time as the show’s premiere on Eleven in Australia, the new site integrates Google Earth and customized pictures and videos from the TV series.

Using the website, kids can learn how to interact with Google Earth. They will also be able to search for hidden content items including animals, survival tips, family members and geographical locations featured in the TV show.

Created by The Project Factory for SLR Productions, the site provides the tools to create Google Earth journeys and it includes links for teachers and schools to make use of the website in the classroom.

Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (26 x 24-minutes) is a comedy series based on the action-adventure books by popular kids author Justin D’Ath. The show follows teenage ‘danger magnet’ Sam Fox, as he explore the wilds from open ocean to deepest jungle. It was filmed at the South Australian Film Corporation’s new Adelaide Studios, as well as on location in South Australia.

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