Charging up kids content: batteryPOP

The New York-based cross-platform network batteryPOP is adding six new shows to its roster of short-form content for kids ages six to 11.
August 6, 2014

In a continued effort to expand its kids content, New York-based network batteryPOP is adding six new shows to its roster. Launched in December 2013, the startup streams free short-form content for kids ages six to 11.

Its new offerings include DHX Media’s animated educational series UMIGO (pictured), a series of new animated music videos from kids’ musician Danny Weinkauf (Grammy-winning composer, longtime bassist from They Might Be Giants)live action shows Totally Amp’d and Unlikely Heroes, the Korean animated series Kimchi Warrior and the PSA series How to UnMake A Bully.

The new shows will join the parent-approved content already on the site, including cartoons, live-action shows and exclusive interviews. Existing programs on the network include the sketch comedy series Totally Random, the animated series ANTS, and the original series Chew on That.

Set to be available across smartphones, tablets and computers, the new shows are part of batteryPOP’s ongoing mission to grow its kids content. To match its expansion on the digital side, the startup recently hired former Saban Brands exec John Nolie as its VP of Digital Ad Sales and Business Development.

In terms of the new shows, UMIGO is a vibrant world of adventure that uses the fundamentals of math to engage early elementary age kids in narrative-driven appisodes. The series was created to help kids learn math and develop the skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving.

Totally Amp’d follows five teens with raw musical talent who are brought together by a rogue receptionist-turned-manager (Ashley Leggat) in the hopes of becoming the next big musical super-group. If they can work together to get past their differences and the obstacles they face, they just might have a shot at winning the musical competition of their lives.

Unlikely Heroes sees a ragtag team of teens take on cryptic puzzles, deadly traps and a medieval steam-punk civilization during one action-packed summer day in this digital comedies series that merges the adventure of The Goonies with the farcical comedy of Shaun of the Dead.

The Kimchi Warrior is a unique blend of martial arts, comedy, and the promotion of good health. Based on the premise of Popeye, the hero obtains supernatural strength by consuming kimchi. Each episode a new “disease character” is summoned by the Evil Lord of Disease to wipe out mankind. The Kimchi Warrior is sent to fight and annihilate the disease with a different “ingredient weapon.”

How to UnMake A Bully movies are based on personal experiences of the child actors who deliver solutions as character in their own stories. These students also help with lighting, directing, sound and gear—producing short films in places ranging from New York to Australia.

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