Hasbro lets fans 3D print toys inspired by My Little Pony

Hasbro is letting fans 3D print their own toys inspired by the popular My Little Pony brand. The toy maker has teamed up with Shapeways to launch SuperFanArt, a website showcasing My Little Pony artwork and 3D designs.
July 22, 2014

Hasbro and 3D printing marketplace Shapeways have teamed up to launch SuperFanArt, a website that lets fans show off their artwork and sell 3D printed designs inspired by Hasbro brands.

Initially, the site will debut with Hasbro’s popular My Little Pony brand, inviting users to create and share their My Little Pony designs online. According to Hasbro and Shapeways, additional Hasbro brands will be introduced to the site in the coming months.

Users can visit the website to find 3D printed products designed by select artists. To place an order, they then click through to each artist’s shop on Shapeways. Currently, the going rate for a Rainbow Dash model is US$65.00.

Hasbro has been exploring 3D printing possibilities for some time now. The company announced earlier this year that it was looking at developing 3D printing play experiences for kids. Tapping into the mini-creator mindset, Hasbro will let fans create their own My Little Pony models in a way that doesn’t threaten the company’s IP. Shapeways CEO and co-founder Peter Weijmarshausen said in a statement that the 3D marketplace has already seen a passionate following for the colorful ponies, and he is pleased that Hasbro is opening its doors for the design community to actively work with the global brand.

With more than 200 licensees spanning 17 countries, and the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series broadcast in over 170 countries worldwide, the franchise has become a significant part of today’s pop culture. It’s also been a significant source of revenue for the Rhode Island-based toyco. The company recently posted its second quarter sales figures, reporting a 10% increase in revenue in the girls category, driven in part by My Little Pony products.


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