D360 sells kids shows to digital and TV platforms

As it continues to pick up sales in the growing digital media space, Toronto, Canada-based Distribution360 announces it has sold a number of programs to a slew of digital and traditional TV platforms.
July 8, 2014

As it continues to pick up sales in the growing digital media space, Toronto, Canada-based Distribution360 announces it has sold a number of programs to a slew of digital and traditional TV platforms.

The marblemedia company has sold over 130 hours of content to eight digital platforms and six broadcasters. The digital side includes Toon Goggles and the new tablet-based VOD service Kixi from Kinderkino. The broadcasters include Unis from TV5 (French Canada), Disney Channel Japan and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

While D360 is continuing to focus on traditional sales, the company is also actively pursuing the growing digital economy.

The list of kids shows going to new platforms include:

Atomic Betty (78 x 30 minutes/156 x 11 minutes/One x 60 minutes)

Atomic Betty, from Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group, Atomic Cartoons and Tele Images Productions, follows the life of a Galactic Guardian who must protect the galaxy and get home in time to do her homework. D360 has secured sales of the series to Disney Channel (Japan), and the upcoming channel Unis (French Canada). The series has also been licensed to the digital platform Vidéotron (French Canada), in addition to Cinedigm (US) who will hold the digital rights to the series.

YOUniverse (26 x 2.15 minutes)

Showcasing space exploration from a child’s perspective, YOUniverse is a series of mixed media interstitial shorts that uses specific art styles to compliment the uniqueness of a child’s imagination. Produced by Victory Arts, the series will now be available internationally on Toon Goggles and Kixi.

Kidsworld Sports (26 x 30 minutes)

In this high-octane documentary series, viewers follow young athletes during a pivotal moment in their athletic career and watch them strive for excellence in their chosen sport. This Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group produced series has been sold to batteryPOP (North America).

The Racoons (60 x 30 minutes)

This critically acclaimed series, from Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group and Evergreen Raccoons Marketing Inc., follows Ralph, Bert and Melissa Raccoon as they embark on environmental adventures in the Evergreen forest. D360 has secured a sale of the award-winning animated series to Unis (French Canada).

A Very Barry Christmas (One x 45 minutes)

When laid-back Australian Barry Buckley and Santa Claus meet by chance, the two unwittingly trade lives in a Christmas mix-up of epic proportions. Co-produced with ABC Family and CBC by Cuppa Coffee Studios, this holiday special has been sold to Globosat (Brazil).

Splatalot (52 x 30 minutes)

With sales in over 120 countries worldwide, each episode follows 10 thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, as they compete against each other and the castles Defenders to capture the crown. Produced by marblemedia, in association with YTV (Canada), CBBC (United Kingdom) and ABC3 (Australia), D360 has sold Season 2 of this international hit to Viddiverse (US) along with the digital rights to Cinedigm (US). The series will also make its Asian debut with the sale of both seasons to Amarin Television (Thailand), in a deal brokered by Bomanbridge Media.

This is Daniel Cook (131 x six minutes/26 x 30 minutes) and This is Emily Yeung (65 x six minutes/Two x 30 minutes)

Produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and marblemedia, This is Daniel Cook and This is Emily Yeung follows Daniel and Emily as they learn, create and go on adventures with special guests. D360 has secured numerous new sales for both series with Toon Goggles (Worldwide), Kixi (Worldwide), Popcornflix (Worldwide), StoryBox (Worldwide), The HappyKids App (Worldwide) and SmartOTT (Worldwide). This is Daniel Cook has also been sold to ION Media Networks (US).

This is Scarlett and Isaiah (52 x six minutes/13 x 30 minutes)

With a sale to ABC (Australia), the third installment of this massively popular preschool franchise, produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and marblemedia, follows two bubbly six-year-old hosts as they fearlessly explore the world around them.

Skatoony (39 x 30 minutes English/French)

Produced by marblemedia, in association with TELETOON, this animated live-action comedy series, which pits tweens and cartoons against each other in a frantic trivia-based competition, has been sold to Toon Goggles (worldwide) and Kixi (outside of North America).

Bruno and the Banana Bunch (26 x 11 minutes/50 x one minute)

Produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios, viewers in the Middle East can now follow Bruno and his friends the Banana Bunch as they invent imaginative games full of colours, numbers, shapes and sizes, with a sale to KM Productions (Middle East).

Tigga & Togga (26 x three minutes)

With a sale to KM Productions (Middle East), this Cuppa Coffee Studios and TVOKids produced series invites children on a musical journey with a dazzling array of musical concepts and styles.

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