VOD network Kabillion gets FullBottle of advertising

Splash Entertainment's Kabillion will partner with FullBottle to sell advertising and sponsorship campaigns - and Kraft has already signed on.
June 23, 2014

Splash Entertainment’s free VOD network Kabillion announced today a deal with the independent digital marketing company FullBottle to sell advertising and sponsorship campaigns. As part of the new Kabillion-FullBottle partnership, Kraft’s Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters kids drink will be the first sponsor to sign on.

Since launching in 2007, Kabillion is in more than 45 million homes—via outlets such as Comcast and Time Warner—and ranks among the top 10 for kids free on demand TV networks in the US Kabillion is also investing heavily in its own YouTube channel with shows like Bobby’s World and WWE Slam City.

Splash Entertainment was previously known as Moonscoop LLC before the company rebranded the children’s content production house earlier this year.

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