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Toys ‘R’ Us picks up marketing steam for Transformers film

With the summer blockbuster Transformers: Edge of Extinction set to hit theaters later this month, Toys 'R' Us is busy ramping up its marketing efforts with Transformers merchandise, digital content and events.
June 18, 2014

With the summer blockbuster Transformers: Edge of Extinction set to hit theaters later this month, Toys ‘R’ Us is busy ramping up its marketing efforts with Transformers merchandise, digital content and events.

From now to the end of July, the toyco is offering an assortment of Transformers merchandise in dedicated in-store feature shops, within Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide. The select toys available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us include the Grimlock Evolution 2-Pack, which lets kids convert both Grimlock figures from robot-mode to dino-mode.

Toys ‘R’ Us will also offer a number of Transformers toys, videogames and online movies on its Kids’ Movie Headquarters website. For the week leading up to the movie’s premiere (June 27), kids can get a first look at unique Transformers digital content and movie clips, available on the movie HQ site.

The retailer is also running an in-store event on June 28 from 12pm to 2pm, for Transformers-themed giveaways and activities. Kids can build their own free Kre-O Transformers figure.

Additionally, between June 22 and June 28, customers who buy more than US$25 worth of Transformers toys, video games or movies in-store will get a complimentary movie ticket to see the new Transformers movie in theaters.

With promos like this, Toys ‘R’ Us  is continuing to build its in-store and online shopping experience – and it’s working. While posting a wider net loss in the first quarter of this year, the toyco saw store sales shoot up with purchases falling in the learning, entertainment and core toy categories.

The company has traditionally posted strong sales for movie-related products. In an effort to keep up these sales, the retail giant is gearing up for the summer movie season, with movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2, Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In the coming months, expect more marketing initiatives from Toys ‘R’ Us based on some of these upcoming kid blockbusters.

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