Robocar Poli season two revs up for 2014 spring

Korea-based Roi Visual's preschool safety-based series the 52 x 11-minute Robocar Poli is revving up for its second season.
September 27, 2013

Korea-based Roi Visual’s preschool safety-based series the 52 x 11-minute¬†Robocar Poli¬† is revving up for its second season.

The first season has been broadcast in more than 54 countries with 15 broadcasting partners including France (PIWI +), Russia (CTC), Japan (Tokyo TV Network), Middle East (JCCTV) and China (CCTV-14).

The series has even spurred a branded nationwide Traffic Safety Campaign that will hit China in December.

Season two has already garnered interest from partners including Canal+ in France and CTC in Russia.

The series follows special police car Poli and his teammate, fire-truck Roy, ambulance Amber, Helicopter Helly and operator girl Jin. Through the rescue process of each episode, children get to know the daily safe tips, and the happiness and preciousness when they help others by Poli and his friends.

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