Media-Participations and Viz create Anime hub

France-based Media-Participations (Kana Home Video) and Viz Media Europe (Kaze) are partnering to promote Japanese animation by merging their VOD websites.
September 11, 2013

France-based Media-Participations (Kana Home Video) and Viz Media Europe (Kaze) are partnering to promote Japanese animation by merging their VOD websites.

The sites, (Média-Participations) and (VIZ Media Europe) will launch a new service, A.D.N. (Anime Digital Network), that will be the largest European S.V.O.D website dedicated to Japanese  animation.

The platform will be available in early October by monthly subscription and will offer more than 4000 eps and 50 movies including Naruto,  Fairy Tail and Magi.

The goal is for the hub to add ten new series every quarter and work as a legal alternative to the bootleg content that is currently available online.

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