The top 10 kids brands in social media right now

Metrics service Starcount tracks the kids brands moving up the charts in the social media world daily. We've got today's top 10 brands that are keeping kids busy online.
August 22, 2013

With kids’ online video views updating as quickly as a Facebook status, keeping track of what’s actually driving children’s social media behavior can be daunting. Starcount, which as its name suggests counts activity on the public profiles of the biggest global social networks, tracks the kids brands that are rising up the charts in the social media world daily. We’ve got today’s top 10 brands that are keeping kids busy online:

1. Luntik

With a total of 1,487,196,043 YouTube views, today alone has brought 1,597,771 views to the Russian preschool character

2. Mother Goose Club

The nursery rhymes gained 1,422,889 YouTube views and added 18 Facebook fans to its 13,675 fans already on the social network

3. KidsTV123

Today KidsTV123 gained 1,276,558 YouTube views, making for a total of 1,058,583,467 eyeballs

4. Pocoyo

The Spanish-bred character has a total of 13,417 Twitter followers, 1,490,913 Facebook fans and 599,990,141 YouTube views – today alone has brought in 805,391 YouTube views

5. Nickelodeon Global

Today Nickelodeon on a global basis has gained 5,342 Facebook fans and 11,690 Twitter followers

6. Super Simple Learning

The educational videos gained 748,381 YouTube views today

7. Disney Junior

Today Disney Junior gained 705,931 YouTube views, making for a total of 414,133,142

8. Sesame Street

With its landmakrk 1,113,521,875 YouTube views,  today Sesame Street gained 597,187 views

9. Google Science Fair

With a total of 4,178,081 YouTube views, Google Science Fair has brought in another 1,209

10. Cartoon Network Global

Cartoon Network added 10,490 Facebook fans and gained 155,897 YouTube views, making for a total of, 21,455,439 Facebook fans and 88,294,568 views


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