Kido’z launches mobile platform for android devices

Kido'z, the global, kid-centric browser and web environment is launching its filtering service Play Mode on android devices.
October 17, 2012

Kido’z, the global, kid-centric browser and web environment is launching its mobile filtering service Play Mode on android devices. When in Play Mode, Kido’z automatically filters the apps on a device and only displays the apps and content that are recognized as safe, relevants and age appropriate for kids. In addition, several layers of security, including a child-lock system, ads blocker, apps blocker and real time white listing are activated to ensure that kids will only be exposed to appropriate content, and that all adult data and settings are unreachable by them.

Kido’z has partnered with several device manufacturers, pre-loading its Play Mode on their devices and helping them target the family segment. The platform is also securing content deals with kids publishers, to monetize their content via the virtual money-based Kids App Store which will be launched later this year.

Pre-loaded with a set of core applications and tons of pre-approved content , Kido’z allows kids to safely explore apps and online content. The smart content engine matches the best apps, videos, websites and online games from its library to the profile of each individual child. Before any new material goes live it is moderated by the Kido’z team and new apps, videos and games are added on a regular basis to create a fresh influx of content at all times.

Care givers can also adjust every aspect of their children’s usage through the parental control panel where they can manage the apps and content, set a daily usage time limit and adjust security policy. The platform is available in 17 language and can be installed for free from Google Play.


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