mobile MUM builds up its kids brands

Since it's beta launch last November, multi-platform online preschool channel mobile MUM has scooped up some notable kids properties and is working on a deal with Google TV.
September 1, 2012

Since its beta launch last November, multi-platform online preschool channel mobile MUM has not only scooped up some more notable kids properties, but it’s also ironing out a Google TV app deal for the end of the year.

The platform, which is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, as well as online, targets moms as a safe haven for preschool content. It offers parental controls that let kids skip from program to program, while letting parents choose which brands their kids see and how much time they spend on the platform. A simple color-coded interface lets kids pick shows from a parent-approved catalogue, and interstitial games are available for all iPad versions.

Founder and CEO Tim Capper says acquiring licenses was the first step in setting up the platform and getting the attention of parents. So far the freemium subscription-run site has licensed content from Texas-based video distributor NCircle’s catalogue, including The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That, Sid the Science Kid, Pocoyo, Mighty Machines, The Wiggles, Dino Dan, LazyTown and Noodle & Doodle. Almost 300 hours of content are available to subscribers at any one time and the site’s full library holds about three times that amount.

Capper says the site’s back-end analytics track exactly how much each series is being viewed, down to the episodes per user, and he’ll be able to use the data for future revenue-sharing reports.

Up to 75% of mobile MUM’s audience comes through mobile devices and about 10% access the content through the website, according to Capper. At press time, the subscription base was hovering around 25,000, which he says has been increasing at a rate of 20% per month.

Capper is aiming his business development for two to three years down the road when most households will have smart TVs and sees working on a deal with Google as a strategic first step.

“We’re building a relationship with Google because it’s driving its own platform through OEMs with Samsung, Sony and LG. Through Google we’ll establish our own contacts with TV manufacturers to create smart TV platforms for mobile MUM directly,” says Capper.

Going forward, expansion plans include adding more interstitial games, digital book apps and an in-house-produced interactive mobile game that encourages kids to go outside and seek out elements in nature such as trees and bugs.

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