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Kidobi takes preschool platform mobile

Preschool platform Kidobi has released an iPad app for free download.
June 4, 2012

Kidobi has released an iPad app for free download in the App Store. The Kidobi iPad app gives subscribers access to their personalized learning channel on the iPads. Kidobi’s software creates a personalized curriculum for every child and adapts to their level as they go.

The parental controls on and Kidobi for iPad allow parents to block, rate, and save videos directly from the player. Parents are able to customize the programming by adding filters, interests, or setting a curriculum focus for each child from their Kidobi account.

The idea for a preschool personalization platform was hatched by Kidobi-founder and CEO Leo Henning as a result of his frustration with online searches for educational content for his daughter. Henning developed a tool to allow kids to access educational and entertainment content at an appropriate level for each viewer with built-in features for parents to guide the programming. launched last summer. The company plans to release a mobile app in the android app market in the coming weeks.

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