Sony goes head first

In this month's TechWatch, we're keeping an eye on the new Sony head-mounted display device, the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer.
October 1, 2011

What it is
Personal entertainment is about to get really personal. Sony has officially unveiled its new head-mounted display device, named the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer. It simulates the viewing experience of a 62.5-foot screen, showcasing 2D and 3D content that runs the gamut from feature films to gaming and music.

How it works
To achieve that edge-of-your-seat home theater experience, the device features surround sound and an optical lens that projects a 45-degree horizontal viewing angle. The HMZ-T1 achieves HD picture quality that makes full use of the organic LED display’s high contrast, color reproducibility and fast response. And a corresponding processor makes the device compatible with gaming consoles, cable boxes, Blu-ray players and video cards via any normal HDMI connection.

What it means

The device hits Japan in November. Its price tag, which rings in at just under US$800, is undoubtedly a hefty investment forhead gear. Nonetheless, it is clearly one of the most ambitious—if not futuristic—offerings in Sony’s long list of 3D devices, and it fits right in with the ongoing trend of customizable entertainment. While this particular tech is not recommended for kids or for those with a weak stomach, it will be interesting to watch if any advancements—and copycats—pop up, given the robust amount of kid-friendly 3D film and gaming content out there.

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