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Proving that several vid game studios are upping their kid focus this year (see 'Gaming's second childhood cometh as the market shifts back to kids' on page 40), many of the coolest games set to debut at E3 this
month tap into kid passions: licensed properties, long-running game series and extreme sports.
May 1, 2003


Developer: Argonaut

Publishers: Electronic Arts and Lego Interactive

Demo: Six to 12

Genre: Action-adventure

Premise: In Bionicle, players enter the world of Mata Nui, a once tropical paradise that has been clouded by a shadow of darkness wrought by the sinister Makuta. The six heroes of destiny, called the Toa, have been chosen to return Mata Nui to light. Playing as one of the Toa, gamers must use their character’s elemental powers to evolve into the Toa Nuva and find the seventh Toa.

Platforms: GameCube, PS2, PC and Xbox

Street Date: Fall 2003


Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure

Developer: Toys for Bob

Publisher: Activision/Disney Interactive

Demo: Six to 14

Genre: Sports

Premise: In this high-octane action game, players skate as their favorite Disney characters from Toy Story 2, Tarzan and The Lion King, performing ollies, rail grinds, spins and expert balance moves in their respective worlds. To up the fun quotient, players can select skateboards resembling non-traditional items like bamboo rafts and frying pans. The game also includes a Create-A-Skater application that allows players to customize clothing and accessories for 10 playable skater characters (based on real kids unearthed during a nationwide casting call) and a multiplayer option for split-screen competition. The Game Boy Advance version will feature six playable characters and three game modes.

Platforms: PS2, Xbox, GameCube and Game Boy Advance

Street Date: Late summer 2003


Pitfall Harry

Developer: Edge of Reality (PS2, Xbox and GameCube) and Torus Games (Game Boy Advance)

Publisher: Activision

Demo: Seven-plus

Genre: Adventure

Premise: The classic Pitfall series gets revamped for next-gen gamers with Pitfall Harry. As the fearless explorer Harry, players work their way through more than 50 levels of puzzle-solving adventure, complete with traditional Pitfall action such as vine-swinging and tangling with scorpions. Gamers overcome obstacles using all the tools in Harry’s arsenal – including dynamite and ice axes – to traverse the treacherous terrain of South America.

Platforms: PS2, Xbox, GameCube and Game Boy Advance

Street Date: Summer 2003


Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray

Developer: Shaba Games (PS2 and Xbox) and Small Rockets (Game Boy Advance)

Publisher: Activision

Demo: Seven-plus

Genre: Sports

Premise: Featuring some stunningly realistic water scenery, Wakeboarding Unleashed allows gamers to feel the rush of ripping through waves behind a high-powered speed boat, crashing into houseboats and catching huge air through nine levels with seven world-class wakeboarders. Players can also act as the boat’s driver and help fellow boarders pull off technical tricks.

Platforms: PS2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance

Street Date: June 2003

SRP: US$49.99 (PS2 and Xbox) and US$29.99 (GBA)

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