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Where's Fred?
March 1, 2003

Where’s Fred? – A month-by-month world tour checklist

January: Hong Kong, New Orleans, Los Angeles, London, Birmingham, Paris, Melbourne and Sydney

February: Nuremberg, Atlanta, New York,

Las Vegas, Munich, London, Toronto and Sydney

March: Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney and Melbourne (for the Australian fairs)

April: Chicago, Cannes, Bologna, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo

May: Los Angeles, London, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Boston

June: Los Angeles and New York

August: San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

September: Los Angeles, New York and London

October: Cannes, Frankfurt, Dallas, London and Hong Kong

November: Atlanta and Los Angeles

Fun Fred Factoids

Number of wristwatches Fred wears: 2

Number of time zones Fred monitors with said wristwatches: 4

Number of cell phones Fred owns: 10

Number of days Fred spends ‘on the road’ each year: 250

Number of days Fred spends in Australia each year: 90

Average number of air miles Fred accrues annually: two million

The superhero/TV character Fred secretly wishes he could be: Captain Australia

The luxury item Fred would bring with him as a contestant on Survivor – The Entertainment Industry: Panasonic DVD player with 10 classic movies, 12 hours of batteries and a charger

Weirdest thing Fred’s ever eaten on the road: Snake ball aphrodisiac

Most expensive present Fred’s ever bought his wife in apology for his extended trips: A house/A Cartier watch

A Few of Fred’s Favorite Things

Favorite hotels in major market cities:

Cannes – The Martinez

New York – The Rhiga Royale

London – The Lanesborough

Frankfurt – Kempinski

Favorite restaurants in major market cities:

Cannes – The Little Restaurant

New York – Ben Benson’s

London – La Porte des Indies

Frankfurt – Madam Hershler

Favorite airline: Quantas

Favorite airports: Heathrow (Terminal four) and Hong Kong

Favorite brand of luggage: Tumi or Delsey

Favorite suit brand: Boss

Favorite cell phone providers: Sprint, Telstra and Nextel

Favorite book: The Sam Walton Story

Favorite films: The Man from Snowy River and Crocodile Dundee

Favorite [international] myths about Australians: ‘She’s right mate’ and ‘Beer…women…sex!’

A favorite meal: According to Gaffney – Chinese seafood at the Golden Century in Sydney.

But ask long-time friend and colleague Grahame Grassby, ABC Enterprises director, and it gets a little bit more specific:’Fred’s favorite meal is two dozen oysters, some grilled fish, a cabbage salad with lightly sliced tomato (heavy on the oil, no onion), some T-bone steak chopped up into threes and some pancakes – but always hold the ice cream, no coffee.’

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