Where the blocks areMajors’ block-building global reach

April 1, 2000


* 82 blocks in 35 countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific (13

countries), totaling more than 9,000 hours per year

* Block brands: Disney Club, Disney’s FilmParade, Disneytime, Disney!, DisneyKid,

Club Disney, Saturday Disney, Disney Adventures, Disney Animation Hour, Disney

Fun Time, Good Morning Disney, Disney Hour, Disney Sandhya, Disney Toontown,

Sunday Club Disney, I Love Disney, Disney Animation Time, Dragon Club (China)

Warner Bros.

* Block brands: Catch-Up!, Time Warp!, Tales from the Bat Cave, Kids’ WB!, House of Toons

* Warner Bros. reports that its blocks have been launched in the last two years and are gaining momentum, with 300 blocks sold into 100 countries, for a total of 360 hours of programming


* Switzerland, SF2, seven-hour daily block Monday to Friday

* Venezuela, RCTV, one-and-a-half-hour Saturday morning block

* Mexico, Televisa’s Canal 5, two-hour daily Monday to Friday night block

* U.S., Telemundo, two-hour daily Monday to Friday morning block

Fox Kids

* Taiwan, STAR Chinese Channel, two-hour Sunday morning block

* India, STAR Plus, two-hour Saturday morning block

* 34 countries across Asia and the Middle East (including Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Israel, People’s Republic of China and Thailand), STAR World, two-hour Saturday morning block

* Malaysia, NTV7, three-hour Sunday block

* the Philippines, GMA7, one-hour Sunday mornin block

* Colombia, RCN, one-and-a-half-hour daily Monday

through Sunday block

* Argentina, Canal Azul, half-hour daily Monday to

Friday and one-hour Saturday and Sunday blocks

* Venezuela, Venevision, two-hour Saturday block

Cartoon Network

* Hungary, TV2, two-hour morning block on Saturdays,

Sundays and bank holidays

* Mexico, Televisa’s Canal 5, half-hour daily Monday to Friday after

noon block (looking to add Cartoon Network graphics)

* South Korea, Tooniverse (in which Turner Broadcasting System

has a 17.5% equity), two-hour daily morning and afternoon


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