Special Report on MIP’ Asia: Global Warming

Spin the globe and wherever your finger lands may be an emerging market....
December 1, 1997

Spin the globe and wherever your finger lands may be an emerging market.

The question is, what’s the definition of an emerging market?

The influx of new delivery platforms, satellite services and digital channels is changing the landscape of TV around the world. From Singapore to South Africa, the Middle East to the Maldives, Bogota, Columbia, to Bogota, New Jersey, new delivery systems are creating opportunities for companies to sell their programming to territories that they wouldn’t have been able to approach a few short years ago.

Does that mean that future years will see the debut of MIP-Latin America? MIP-Africa? MIP-Mars? MIP organizer Reed Midem plans no new markets in the near future, but as these regions mature, it hasn’t ruled out that possibility.

MIP’ Asia attendees assessed other emerging markets around the world:

The Age of Africa

This continent is the most untapped area for TV worldwide, but has been showing signs of life. ‘I’ve seen an influx of African broadcasters in the past few years [at markets] where they haven’t been in the past,’ says Louise Brown, director of international program sales for Discovery Communications. Leading the charge is South Africa.

Loco about Latin America

Everybody likes Latin America. The region’s greatest advantage is that, with the exception of Brazil, the same language is spoken in all countries. ‘Due to the language similarity, it’s the easiest territory to launch a new service and recoup your revenues because you have a whole continent available to recoup your costs,’ says Mickie Steinmann, vice president of international television sales at Gaumont.

Eyeing Europe

‘Europe is going through a massive revolution with digitalization, and that’s blowing markets completely open,’ says Colin Mendoza, director of sales for Sunbow Entertainment. Eastern Europe is also developing, though at a much slower pace.

American Dream

The U.S. as an emerging market? For companies like Denmark’s ITE and Australia’s Southern Star, which have had success in other regions, cracking the U.S. remains a challenging proposition.

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