Guru hits its stride

Entering the Hot50 production ranking for the first time—and in second place no less—is Toronto, Canada-based Guru Studio. This year saw the prodco’s empathy-based Netflix Original series True and the Rainbow Kingdom receive a third season greenlight, while Guru’s first-ever Netflix Original, Justin Time Go (season three), landed an Emmy nomination for Best Writing in Preschool Animation. “We’ve been under the radar for a while, so it means a lot that our peers are paying attention to the work we’re doing this year,” says Guru president and creative director Frank Falcone. “Our own original IP is finally coming out front and center, and we’ll see more of that in the coming years.”

To Falcone’s point, the studio’s inaugural feature film project, The Breadwinner, hit theaters in November. The Angelina Jolie-backed and Cartoon Saloon co-produced film about a young girl overcoming Taliban oppression is already among 26 projects being considered for a Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination. “Being attached to films like The Breadwinner, while also doing major work on hit series like PAW Patrol and growing our own shows, have made 2017 exceptionally special,” says Guru EVP of content and strategy, Mary Bredin. “We’re really hitting our stride.”

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