SupaPop and Immortal Master partner up

The studio and animation company have teamed up to develop a new children’s animated sci-fi series entitled My StarLing.
July 9, 2018

China’s Beijing Immortal Master Animation and Los Angeles-based SupaPop Studios have partnered to develop the children’s sci-fi fairytale My StarLing: Dream of the Green Tea Galaxy.

The 52 x 11-minute CGI-animated series is based on an original concept by Sean Danconia, the president and co-CCO of SupaPop. It will be produced by founder and CEO of Immortal Master Woody Wan, along with Chinese director Luyang Li (CCTV’s Journey to the West, Pigsy Falls From Sky). Former head of story for Sony Pictures Animation and Warner Animation Group and current co-CCO of SupaPop Jack Hsu (Spider-Man, The LEGO Batman Movie) will be overseeing pre-production and creative development.

Following the adventures of StarLing, who lives on an idealized planet but has to return to Earth to save civilization, the series will be co-financed by BIM and Yuwen Media. Immortal Master and SupaPop will both be distributing the series worldwide.

On top of the upcoming episodes, the two companies are working on an international licensing program. SupaPop Studios’ “Space” division will be focusing on developing themed restaurants, hotels and virtual reality experiences based on the IP.

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