Boj heads to China

UK prodco Pesky has signed a content licensing deal with iQIYI to place its preschool show in China.
March 10, 2017

UK-based production company Pesky is celebrating 20 years in the animation biz by taking its animated preschool show Boj to China.

Pesky has inked a content licensing deal with iQIYI, the country’s largest online video platform, which will make the show available in both English and Mandarin to its tens of millions of paid subscribers.

The 50 x 11-minute CBeebies series follows the titular bilby creature and his adventures in Giggly Park. (The show is also getting its first theme park attraction at West Midland Safari Park in the UK, aptly called the Boj Giggly Park.)

Boj has previously sold to RTE Ireland, S4E Wales, France Television, YLE Finland, RTVE Spain, ABC Australia, PBS Sprout, Knowledge Network/BBC Kids Canada and CBeebies Latin America.

iQIYI recently struck a deal to create a CBeebies-branded block, which will debut this summer with animated series like Sarah & Duck and Go Jetters.

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