In new deal, VOD net Kabillion sticks to the classics

Splash Entertainment-owned VOD kids platform Kabillion has picked up Casper's Scare School and George of the Jungle from Florida-based distributor Broadcast Partners.
July 16, 2015

Splash Entertainment-owned VOD kids platform Kabillion is adding to its new ToonPower programming block with two animated series: Casper’s Scare School and George of the Jungle.

The deal with Florida-based distributor Broadcast Partners will see Kabillion airing 26 half hours of the newest versions of both animated series.

Both titles will be available starting today in more than 50 million US homes.

The first season of Casper’s Scare School aired on Cartoon Network in 2009, followed by a second season in 2012. Teletoon’s George of the Jungle, a remake of the 1967 original series, first aired in 2007. The iconic toons follow in the footsteps of Gumby, which debuted last October on the VOD network after Kabillion acquired more than 208 eps from the classic Gumby library.


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