CBBC’s online series Dixi back for season two

Dixi, the CBBC's first online drama series, is returning for a second season, which starts on February 10 and airs over the course of three weeks in the form of daily vlogs.
January 30, 2015

Dixi, the CBBC’s first online drama series, is set to return for a second season. Beginning February 10, Dixi 2: Dixi Unchained will air over the course of three weeks in the form of daily vlogs.

A cyber mystery series, it’s meant to teach kids ages eight to 14 how to stay safe online.

Season two sees the friends have a major falling out, after a cursed chain message is posted on fictitious social networking site Dixi. Teen sleuth Mimi must prove the curse isn’t real, as someone tries to drive the friends apart.

Episodes will be uploaded daily to CBBC’s site. On the interactive front, characters will post vlogs and chat online, while viewers can join the conversation by posting their own comments and theories.

Dixi 2 is made by Kindle Entertainment for CBBC Online. Exec producers are Melanie Stokes for Kindle and Sue Nott and Mario Dubois for CBBC, with the Dixi website designed and built by Syndicut.

Having debuted on the CBBC site last February, the series has received more than a million hits and scored a Children’s BAFTA for Best Original Interactive.

In another nod to web safety, season two launches on Safer Internet Day.

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