Invizimals leaps onto the small screen

From video game to TV series: Invizimals will debut on December 5 on Spanish pubcaster Clan (TVE), along with a second-screen app.
December 2, 2014

Two years after the animated series based on the hit PlayStation video game was first announced, Invizimals  is set to make its small-screen debut. Spanish pubcaster TVE’s kidsnet Clan will air the series, starting December 5.

Aimed at kids ages six to 12, the 26 x half-hour toon is co-produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Screen 21, Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española. It continues the adventures of the Invizimals, creatures who live in a parallel dimension and are invisible to the human eye.

Invizimals is also one of the first series integrated with Sony’s portable PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) system. Each episode lets viewers capture the different Invizimals appearing on TV screens through the Vita or iOS/Android-compatible second-screen app  Invizimals: Capturador.

The brand includes a video game franchise (six installments, including the newly-released Invizimals: The Resistance), as well as action figures from IMC Toys and Panini trading cards, distributed in more than 50 countries. Spanish media house BRB Internacional manages L&M rights in Spain, Portugal and Greece, and distributes the TV series worldwide.

Invizimals has also been picked up by Al Jazeera, Disney XD, Gulli, K2, Multimania, Megamax, SIC, Star, Eleven and Talit, and eps launched locally this past weekend on Televisió de Catalunya.


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