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CNK Digital unveils new kids tablet

The increasingly crowded market for kids tablets just got another competitor, thanks to the launch of ClickN KIDS Tablet 2, which features 30+ preloaded apps, including a Looney Tunes licensed learning title from Warner Bros.
November 5, 2014

Add another one to the growing pile of kids tablets on the US market. Carson City, Nevada-based CNK Digital is releasing ClickN KIDS Tablet 2, featuring preloaded apps for both kids and parents, and a roster of educational programs.

Set to roll out in major US retailers with a US$99.95 price tag, the new device is the first Kid Safe Certified learning tablet that uses Intel hardware. It comes with more than 30 apps, including Google Play, Netflix and Facebook (for parents) and Talking Tom 2, Talking Ginger, Diversion and Team Awesome (for kids).

On the educational front, the device has a number of learning-focused apps, including Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, a reading program that CNK Digital developed in partnership with Warner Bros. The device also comes with CNK Digital’s SmartRunners suite of phonics and math endless runner games.

Another first-of-its-kind feature is its Dual Purpose Interface (DPI) technology. Using a secure login, parents can treat it as a regular tablet, accessing the internet and apps like Skype or email. Meanwhile, parental controls simultaneously let them monitor their child’s device use, restricting internet access and limiting time spent online.

CNK Digital’s first tablet, the ClickN KIDS Family Tablet, was a bestseller on last fall. Currently, its products and curriculum are being used in every US state and by students in more than 100 countries.

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