Vibrant TV brings global content to the US

New international content network Vibrant TV is launching a 24-hour channel in the US. Also rolling out on Hulu, the channel includes kids content like Australia's Double Trouble (pictured).
August 28, 2014

A new Chicago, Illinois-based network called Vibrant TV is launching a 24-hour channel in the US. Available through satellite provider Galaxy 23, the new channel specializes in international content, providing programs in English from broadcasters and producers around the world.

Fully ad-supported, the network features a range of programs, including family, comedy, drama, reality, travel, food, lifestyle and sports.

To help promote the new linear service, Vibrant TV is also debuting select series on Hulu via a branded channel on the SVOD platform. The network currently has two kids series available on Hulu and the linear channel.

Double Trouble (pictured) is a live-action series co-produced by the Central Australia Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), Australia’s Nine Network and the Disney Channel. The series (13 x half hours) follows identical twins Yuma and Kyanna. Separated at birth, they meet by chance and decide to switch places.

The other show is the Australian kids drama My Place (26 x 22 minutes), a series based on the book by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins. Produced by Matchbox Pictures, the series gives a kid’s perspective of Sydney throughout the years, following 26 kids who live in the same house over 260 years.

Going forward, Vibrant is looking for distribution partnerships to deliver the network to more audiences in the US.The ad sales for the network are being handled by Chicago, Illinois-based Zephyr Media TV Sales. The company is also looking for multinational traditional and direct-to-consumer marketers in consumer product category, including airlines, hotels and internationally-made consumer goods.

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