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Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures headed to DVD

All 26 episodes of the adventure-comedy series will come to DVD in Australia via Beyond Home Entertainment.
August 11, 2014

Of all the things Sam Fox does, appearing on DVD may be the least extreme. Nonetheless, fans of the adventure-comedy series from Australia’s SLR Productions will see the first 13 x 24-minute episodes of Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures released on DVD by Beyond Home Entertainment in November. Episodes 14 through 26 will hit shelves in early 2015. Australian viewers can currently watch the show on Eleven Sundays at 11 a.m.

Based on the adventures books by children’s author Justin D’Ath, Sam Fox (played by Remy Brand) comes face-to-face with sharks, scorpions, leopards, tornadoes, volcanoes as he travels across the ocean and jungle. The TV series also boasts an interactive website using the geography platform Google Earth, where users can search for bonus content such as survival tips and locations featured in the show. The episodes are filmed at the South Australian Film Corporation’s Adelaide Studios, as well as on location in South Australia.

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