YTV brings on the boy band

Canadian kidnet YTV's new series Mission: 4Count takes a behind-the-scenes peek at 4Count, the pop band discovered by Nick Cannon.
July 29, 2014

Canada’s YTV is introducing a new reality series based on the emerging pop band 4Count. The latest addition to the boy band scene, the singers were discovered and are now managed by Nick Cannon.

Their new show, Mission: 4Count, is produced by Toronto-based Tricon Films & Television. The series (eight x 30 minutes) follows 4Count members Aaron Scott, Ben Robinson and brothers Adam and Kieran Ackerman, who left their home-base in California to perfect their musical skills in Canada.

The premise of the show involves Cannon sending the boys out on “music missions,” essentially participating in an industry boot camp  consisting of rehearsals, recording sessions and live performances.

The series is currently starting production in Toronto, and is slated to air this October. In anticipation of the series launch, 4Count will be featured in the YTV Summer Beach Bash special, airing on YTV on August 23.

4Count was brought together by Cannon for his NCredible Entertainment label, and signed by Sony Music Entertainment Canada this past spring.

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