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Remember what the internet used to look like?

We dug out screenshots from some of our favorite Web sites of the 1990s, including Google, AOL, PBS KIDS, and Disney. Read on to find out who had "The Future" available on their 1996 site...
December 9, 2013

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At, there’s a magical thing called the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. In 1996, they began archiving the Web…. literally. They’re preserving the history and evolution of the Internet.

We work with evolving technologies all the time, so it’s easy to forget how different the interactive world was just a few years ago, never mind 10 or more years ago. The nature of digital technologies is that we often overwrite previous versions. It’s much harder to find the first edition of a Web site than it is to find the first edition of a book.

So, today’s treat is to take a break from chasing down the latest trends and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

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Without further delay, back to the 1990s…

November 11, 1998


Google (2)


December 20, 1996

“The future, now available on AOL 3.0!”

AOL (2)


June 2, 2001

(This is not the oldest archive, but it was one that loaded well.)



November 14, 1996

Scholastic (2)

New York Times

December 19, 1996

NYT (2)

December 22, 1996

Disney (2)

March 1, 2000

A lot of their images didn’t want to load, so this was the best I could get for now!

nickjr (2) (Back when they were CTW)

March 3, 2000

“Kids rate their heroes in hit or dis!”

Sesame (2)


October 22, 1996

Awww, Michael J. Fox!

ABC (2)

Pizza Hut

January 12, 1998

Despite the missing graphics, this page is really interesting because of the choices presented to the users — do you want the high bandwidth or low bandwidth site?!

Pizza (2)


August 15, 2000

CNN (2)

If that’s not enough, this Telegraph article also has great screenshots of sites when they first launched. And a Gizmodo article of 23 ancient sites that are still around, like the OJ Simpson Trial Hub.

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