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Annoying Orange YouTube channel makes room for new shows


The YouTube home to the popular Annoying Orange online series is readying itself for more animated kids and tween content, as brand creator Dane Bodeigheimer and multi-channel network Collective Digital Studio are set to launch new original shows on the channel.

The additional animated series set to launch on the Annoying Orange YouTube channel includes the October 9 premiere of The Misfortune of Being Ned. Another animated series, Gusto Rules, will follow in January.  The channel, which currently boasts a subscriber base of 3.3 million, will feature a programming schedule with shows airing on a regular cycle and will include comprehensive marketing support.

The Misfortune of Being Ned is a short animated web series that follows the doomed adventures of the titular tween.  Gusto Rules, based on the art installment Eggmanland” by artist Tofer Chin, follows the eccentric comedic adventures of fun-loving morons, who also happen to be Eggmanland’s royal family. Collective Digital Studio co-produced Gusto Rules with animation studio Shadow Machine.

The Misfortune of Being Ned and Gusto Rules, which will be complimented with a another series Boedigheimer is currently creating to help build out a robust slate of kids digital programming, will join Annoying Orange, which will remain the flagship program on the YouTube channel. Of course, the Annoying Orange brand is also busy building its offline interests, with a Cartoon Network show and a merchandising program in full swing.

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