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Anchor Bay Entertainment readies Tickety Toc release and promotions

AnAnchor Bay Entertainment is set to release Zodiak Rights' preschool series Tickety Toc DVD, Chime Time Adventures, at US retail on September 10. The preschool series currently airs on Nick Jr. in the US.
August 15, 2013

Anchor Bay Entertainment  is set to release Zodiak Rights’ preschool series Tickety Toc DVD, Chime Time Adventures, at US retail on September 10.  The preschool series currently airs on Nick Jr. in the US.

Additionally, the distributor has announced three new partnerships with Cold Stone Creamery, Minute Rice and Uncle Matt’s Organic.  The national campaigns, which will provide fans with exclusive coupons and special rebates, is set to run from September to December.

Cold Stone Creamery is offering a coupon for US$2 off the purchase of the new Chime Time Adventures DVD.  The vouchers will be offered through tear pads affixed to counter cards in 1,100 US Cold Stone Creamery locations.

Minute Rice will also treat customers to a US$2 discount off the DVD with the purchase of a 14-ounce box of white or brown rice.  Three million Minute Rice boxes will feature the on-pack coupon – along with DVD art and a kid-friendly recipe that the whole family can enjoy – on the back panel.

And finally, consumers who purchase Uncle Matt’s Organic 59-ounce or 12-ounce juice bottles and the new DVD will be entitled to receive a US$3 rebate in the mail.  As part of the Uncle Matt’s Organic campaign, one million juice units will feature the Tickety Toc DVD artwork throughout the promotional period.


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