Egmont throws Jelly Pie imprint into digital world

With the launch of its humor imprint last year, UK-based children's publisher Egmont Press is taking things further with a new cross-platform community called Jelly Pie Central that will be supported by a YouTube channel and new mobile app.
July 31, 2013

UK-based children’s publisher Egmont Press has launched a new cross-platform community called Jelly Pie Central, which will be supported by a YouTube channel and new mobile app.

Aimed at kids ages five to nine, Jelly Pie Central, which follows last year’s launch of the Jelly Pie imprint, will promote all Jelly Pie titles including the Barry Loser series by Jim Smith and Andy Stanton’s Mr Gum books.  The project has launched with a website, which is home to six jelly characters and a Jelly Pie Tower.  From different levels on the tower children can create their own jelly avatars, play games, submit their own artwork and jokes, collect points to win jokes and prizes, and engage with Jelly Pie book characters and worlds.  The site will feature extra content from Jelly Pie authors and offers the opportunity to trial new characters and ideas directly with the audience.

There is also a YouTube channel featuring two short animations and interviews with authors.  A mobile game will launch later this month to raise awareness of the imprint and push users to the website.  Future plans entail building upon the game to feature individual characters and storyworlds from specific titles.

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